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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Story Goes On....Finding the Perfect Farm

Have you read the post   5 Pine Knoll: Continuation of story.  That would be a good place to start so that

today's post will make a little more sense.   Now  I want to tell you how we finally found the

"retirement farm".  After purchasing the 80 acres at Almartha, which is for sale now, we began the

search again for   the retirement farm.  
     We were always checking the internet, picking up the local real estate papers and reading the 

newspaper, looking for that perfect piece of property.  We found one that fit our requirements in the

size as it was 160 acres.  It was listed with a realty company and we made an appointment to go look

at it.  The real estate agent took us to the property and gave us the tour.  It was totally fenced and was

mostly pasture, which was good.  The bad was that it was on a highway, so you get the noise from the

traffic....not something we wanted to listen to the rest of our lives.  So the hunt was on again.  We

went down the highway to another real estate office and told the agent that greeted us what we were

looking for.  Low and behold, in his hand he had an refused offer on a piece he thought would be just

what we were looking for.  When we originally began the hunt again, and we had realized how far

away from the lake the other piece is, we added that as one of our necessities.  This time, I didn't even

ask how close this piece was to the lake, as it was getting pretty hard to find what we were looking

for.  As we drove up to the place, we could already see that it was pretty overgrown, but we can see   

past that....that's a problem that can be fixed.  The agent walked some of the property with us and tried

to point out the corners.   We were already pretty was large was gently was a mixture of woods and pasture, although very bordered the's

lookin' pretty good.  We thanked him and told him we'd be in touch.  We planned to come back the

next day and hike the property so we could get an up close and personal look at it.   We came back the

next day, hiked it and  found most of the corners.  It's not a straight edged piece of property as it

borders Bull Shoals Lake and the government take like or Corp property follows an elevation mark so

we have several zig zags and   lots of corners.  We made an offer and it was accepted....yeah!   Closing

happened about a month later and we were then the proud owners of 180 acres!  Now the work could