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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Canadian Fishing Vacation

Every so often, after working hard for an extended time, we like to reward ourselves with a vacation.

 We're not beach people, so don't look for us there.  It's been extremely hot for an extended period of

time here where we live and we love to fish, so, where else, but Canada for us!   About 5 years ago, we

found a resort in Sioux Lookout, Ontario that we fell in love with.  We looked and searched around and

couldn't find anything any better again this time, so we made reservations once again at Fireside Lodge. 

Alan and Audrey have such a wonderful place and are such wonderful hosts!  Audrey is a wonderful

cook and we ate way too much good food and  Alan has all the info for the lakes so we caught a lot of

fish.  Another plus was it was cooler than at home.  Now don't think that it was coat weather, but at least

it was a good 25 degrees cooler than at home.  We wouldn't even be able to go out and fish at home, but

were able to stay out all day there on Vermillion lake.   We were hoping to be able to see a moose this

time, but they just didn't show themselves.  We were still though rewarded with the awesome beauty

of that area.  If you ever get the chance, be sure to travel there!

This is a picture of our last evening we got to fish.  We  had fished all day, then gone in for dinner. 

There is enough daylight to get about 3 hours of fishing in before dark, so we like to take advantage of

it.  After all, we did travel quite a ways!