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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Oh my Goodness!!!  It's HAPPENING!!!   WE ARE MOVING TO THE FARM!!!!!

Things have progressed a little faster than we had first anticipated.  We get to move to the farm!  So now comes the dreaded task of packing :(

As I begin this process of packing my life, I stop every so often to think of the things that I have that once belonged to someone I loved.   They have passed from this earth only to leave “things” behind.  But then again maybe not, since I am having wonderful memories of these people…..they have also left these behind.  These memories are for us to enjoy and keep us mindful of who we ourselves are.  We are not just here and now, but we all have a past.  Sometimes good and sometimes bad, but we are a collection of these things.  What we choose to do with these things is up to us.   I have chosen to make  an amalgamation.  I choose to take  all the good things, pile them all together and try to make myself the best person that I can.  Hopefully, any of those who have passed already would be proud of who I am and what I am doing with my life today.   I also hope that after I’m gone and my “things” are left behind, someone also holds them and remembers good memories of me.