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Saturday, December 17, 2011

First semester of senior year over and in-between seasons

Oh my....if anyone is still reading this, you're probably wondering if I've fallen off the face of the

earth.  Not to worry....I'm still here and have survived the first semester of my senior year in the Early

Education Program.'s been busy this last several months.  I've been in a classroom

placement twice this semester for three weeks at a time.  During those placements, we have several

assignments and projects to keep us busy just in case we thought we were in charge of our lives and

time .....ha!   Then came the final two weeks of the semester....we were back in our classroom with our

instructors and then came the finals!  But you know what I realized after they were all done....those

should be the last finals I ever have to take as this next semester is interning and I don't know how you

could give a final over that...but I'd better not give anyone any ideas either!

Now I'm in-between seasons.  I just got finished washing one of my pumpkins that I had used for a fall

decoration.  Then I chunked up what would fit in the pressure cooker and it's doing it's thing right now.

 I hope y'all haven't wasted a good thing like that.  You can use it anywhere pumkin is called for in a

recipe or stir it into soups, cakes or cookie recipes to fortify them.  Pumpkin is one of the super foods!

See the little bowl off to the sure and save your seeds to replant for the next season.  Wash

them off and let them dry before storing them til spring.  I save old pill bottles to store seeds in.  You

can write on them with a permanent marker so you'll be sure to know what you have next spring!

After you've pressured the pumpkin about 15 minutes, check to see if it's soft enough to scrape from

the rind or peeling.  Scrape it all out and then store in plastic bags, jars or freezer boxes in the freezer.

Uhm um good!

Now that the Thanksgiving decorations are down.....I can begin the Christmas candy and cookie

productions!   Last night I dipped the bon-bons and have started the chocolate dipped ritz crakers with

peanut butter between them.  Tomorrow it will be the rolled sugar cookies and white chocolate dipped

chocolate sandwich cookies!