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Monday, December 10, 2012

Moving in!

I need to bring y'all up to date on what's happening with the house.  We began construction on August 3rd.  It was so terribly hot

during part of our construction.  Those poor guys were working out there when it was over 100 degrees and we certainly do

appreciate them for it.

After all this time, we were finally able to make the big move into the house on the second weekend in November.  Aaron, Rachael

and Chloe came down from Ozark and Joe came over from NW Arkansas.  We used an enclosed trailer of my dad's which certainly

made it a lot easier.  Doing it this way you don't have to be so concerned with how things are tied down....and there's no chance of

anything blowing out.   It's so embarrassing to be going down the highway, have something catch your attention and it be something

blowing across the road behind you.   And heaven forbid it be something that hits another car!!   Anyway, we moved in knowing

that the house wasn't completely finished yet, but living in that shop building with no windows was about to drive us buggy!!  

The house did not have cabinets in the kitchen or vanities in the bathrooms, but we had a bathtub, shower and toilets....that's

enough for us!!   Oh...and did I mention there are WINDOWS !!  Big, glorious, wonderful windows.   We can now actually sit inthe

house and look out!    The shop that we were living in before had no windows, so if was raining or cold, the roll up doors were

down.  It certainly makes it more cozy and comfortable....but I like looking out!

 We moved the big furniture and set up housekeeping!!  That's when the unpacking of boxes began.  But, since there are no cabinets,

only clothes and bedding can be unpacked,  I'm trying to be patient!!!!!