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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

IT IS COLD HERE AND WON"T WARM UP!!  Here it is the 3rd of April and I still have a fire in the wood stove and am wearing long sleeves and a vest.  Where is the warm weather???

Oh yea....we had it a couple of weeks ago when I planted the potatoes and onions.  It has been warm on intermittent and sporadic days....just enough to tease us and give us a taste of the luscious warmth!

I'm ready to put other things in the garden and plant annuals in the flower beds!   I want to look at the growing things in anticipation of picking ripe things!  I want warm breezes instead of the cold howling winds that we have here on top of this hill!

Patience....patience....I know these things will's just patience that I need!!

Yesterday was one of those gray, drizzly cold days.  Today though, is better in that there is no rain, but the wind is howling.  The sun is trying to shine through high clouds but there isn't enough to warm things up.   Although the thermometer says sure doesn't feel like it!