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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The clutter has been cleared from the moving boxes!

It's time for some pictures to be posted of our beautiful new home!  We are now living comfortably in

our new space.  When you search, look and plan for designs, you imagine yourself living in that

space.  I think we did a great job as we feel pretty comfortable in this new home.  I've spent the last 2

months toting things from the shop building next door that we lived in during the building process. 

I'm still moving some small things but for the most part everything is put away.  I'm sure though that

I'll be shuffling some of these things as I find how I use them in the new space.  And, we didn't have

a linen closet built any where so that is still something to be added by our cabinet man when he

finishes our banister.   But, if that's the only thing that we over looked.....then I think we did a pretty

good job!   Since this would be such a long post to describe each picture and room.....I'll take a few of

them at a time.  I'll try to describe what we've done and add in some pictures...there's still work to be


So....getting right along with it......

When you come in the back door, you come into the utility room or some people call them mud

rooms.   Regardless....we need a place to come in...take off shoes.....hang up coats laundry.

This is where we hang our coats and jackets.  It was originallly framed for a door, but in thinking about it....we didn't put a door on it.  Make it as easy as possible and the coats will get hung up. We did add beadboard to make it a little more visually appealing and then hung hooks that we already had.  We also gave it a coat of paint....a warm green...different color than the walls.    I like it!! Works pretty good!

After living with this for a few weeks.....I think I might have to add a couple more hooks down low for more hanging space

Monday, September 10, 2012

It's time for an awesome update!!   The house has finally begun!!   We've been working at it for about 4 weeks now and we are so excited about the progress. 

As the carpenters began to add the 2nd story......we realized that it is going to be really tall standing out there in what once was a field!!
Now, as we're looking at it.....I begin to wonder how in the world the carpenters are going to be able to get the trusses up there...
Lo and behold.....the next Monday.....this crane shows up and makes short work (45 min.) of getting the trusses lifted up and secured.
 This saved a lot of man hours and was well worth it!

It's still looking a little gangly at this point, but in my next post I'll show you how much better it looks with the porches on it.  They kind of ground it and anchor it visually.
At this point, we still don't have the construction loan and I'm getting a little about building on faith!
When we began this process and finally found a builder, he asked if we wanted to have it bid or build it for time and materials.   We chose time and materials.  We pay the labor every week and for materials as they come due.  Fortunatly, the lumber bill isn't due til the 10th of every month and I've got a little hedge time here :)
I'll keep you posted as we progress!!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Designing the farm house

While driving to the farm, I had noticed this roof a short distance fromt he highway.  I really like the look of it.  It's just a silver metal roof and white siding.  It's the look I can envision for a farm house.   Nothing too precosious or outstanding...just something you'd see on a farm. 

When I had the time one day, I drove by it to get some better pictures and low and behold it's an old church!

I love this look and hopefully our "farm house" will look similar!